You can have the finest site in the industry, but if people are finding you in searc results...well, you're simply missing out.

Understanding Search Engine Results

In order to make the right decisions regarding your HVAC marketing and HVAC SEO needs, it helps to understand the basics of search engine results:

1. Paid Placement

Companies who show up in the colored box positioned above main search results, or in the results column to the right of a page, are paying to be there. It's called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). You pay Google (or Bing) for every click.

2. Google & Bing Maps Results

Results are based on the city or location of the search, showing local listings with customer reviews. To rank in local listings, you mush have a Google and/or Bing business page, and it must be filled out completely and with ranking in mind. There are other things that can help your Maps page to rank -- and we can help with that.

3. Organic Results (SEO)

Organic results refers to all of the results located underneath the paid Ads in the center of a search engine results page (SERP). This is where HVAC search engine optimization (SEO) really comes into play. If you want to rank for "Chicago Air Conditioning" then Google needs to believe that your site is one of the best sites out there for those key words.

Google is in the business of serving up quality content for searches. If they don't, they go out of business. For your HVAC marketing to work, and your site to show up in organic results, you need to have a quality SEO company like HVAC Website on your team! Remember to localize your searches. If you go to Google and type in "HVAC contractor" without a city, you'll get a few local results, but then results from other areas in the nation.
HVAC search engine optimization
Connor Air
"We have been working with HVAC Website since 2001 and are very pleased with the entire staff. They host our website and have recently acquired our SEO account, our Google leads have nearly DOUBLED. Whether it is assistance with a website issue, a special request or simply needing technical support, their team always makes us feel like a 'valuable client'. So, from all of us here at Evenflow to you, Thank You For All You Do! I would recommend you to any/all of my business associates and friends."

Tony Hunter
Evenflow Mechanical
Why should you use us for your HVAC search engine optimization?

HVAC Search Engine Optimization

Every week you're probably plagued with calls, emails and faxes from companies wanting to handle the ranking of your website. So why use us? What do we have to offer that makes us a better choice than the companies calling you?

No Contract Required

Most companies want a time commitment from you in order to take you on as an SEO client. Just do the math on that...if a sales rep can land "X" amount of clients that sign a contract for six months, then a company has dedicated revenue coming in. Do you think you can break contract if you don't get the results you want? Do you think that sales rep is doing the work for you?

We believe in our ability to rank your website, so we offer our SEO services on a month-to-month basis. If you don't like the results, you don't have to continue. It's that simple.

We Know The Business

HVAC search engine optimization is best done by people who understand your business. Why? Because HVAC SEO is largely about building quality content on your site, and doing it in a way that search engines favor. Google and Bing are in the business of showing the best results for searches. If they don't think the content on your site is great, that will affect your ranking.

We Provide Results

Not only does our HVAC search engine optimization really work, but we provide proof of the results in a monthly report so you can see the progress. Each month you'll know exactly what you're paying for, and how well your site is doing for the key words you want to rank for.

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