Remember that the outgoing server requires authentication...

Email Settings & Configuration

Your HVAC Website email accounts can be used with any mail client on Windows, Mac, smart phones or tablet.

Below are instructions for some mail clients, browsers (web mail) and smart phone devices. Specific questions for a smart phone should be directed to the manufacturer as they all vary in setup requirements. *Remember that your user name is your full email address, and that SMTP authentication is required, but do not use SSL.
HVAC Email Settings
Step by Step Instructions
Video Tutorials
Outlook Express - Watch Movie
Outlook 2003 - Watch Movie
Netscape Communicator - Watch Movie
Eudora - Watch Movie
IncrediMail - Watch Movie
Pegasus - Watch Movie
Thunderbird - Watch Movie
Mail Server & Ports
Incoming (POP3) Server:
IMAP Server*:
Outgoing (SMTP) Server**:
Account / Username:
Your complete email address
Alternate SMTP Port***:

Example: for a POP3 client such as Outlook, if your website were and your email you would use the following:

Incoming (POP3) Server:
Outgoing (SMTP) Server:
Account / Username:
Web Mail Instructions
1. You can access webmail from any browser except Internet Explorer (IE 7 & 8 will work). To sign into your webmail open your browser and enter the following address:

Example: if your website is you would type for webmail.

You should see a sign on screen as show below.

Your full email address.

The email password provided by HVACWebsite.

Specify whether you would like it to remember your username or username and password.

2. Once signed on you should see your inbox. This will show new mail that you have not yet downloaded into Outlook (or another POP mail client).

Get New
Checks for new messages.

Allows you to compose a new email, contact or other calendaring item.

Setup Out of Office Alerts
1. You can setup an out of the office responder for your mail by logging into your webmail account. (Even if using Outlook or another mail client, the out of office responder must be setup in webmail).

2. Sign into your webmail from a browser by going to Example: if your website is you would type for webmail.

3. Go to Tools -> Options.

4. Click on the Auto responder tab under Mail.

5. On this screen you can specify the out of office settings.

This dictates how often it will responded to senders. For example: Respond once means that the auto responder will only reply to each individual person while you are gone once as opposed to each time they send you an email during the out of office time period.

Respond again after (Days)
When you select Respond again after period in the first option, you can specify how many days for the responder to wait.

Who the Out of Office email will be from when sent out (this should be your name).

Place the text here that you would like the auto responder to send to people.

Respond only to messages sent to my email address.
If you receive emails from distribution lists or group emails, it will not respond to these if checked.

Respond only if between
Select the dates here that you will be away.

6. Click OK to save your changes.